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December 2018 

Shelton Tree Lighting Ceremony

Friday, December 7th, 6PM

Shelton Post Office Park

Each year young singers from all over Mason County join with some of the Harstine Island Community Choir members to sing Santa into Shelton during First Friday Festivities. This is a family event with train rides for kids and special shopping experiencess for adults. Over 200 singers from Shelton, Pioneer and North Mason school district choirs enjoy seeing the huge tree at Post Office Park be lit, and singing for the many people who bring their families to enjoy a unique and fun event of our community. After the program, stroll down Railroad, roast marshmallows, enjoy wagon and kiddie train rides, shop, play games and win prizes. All these events are free! HOLIDAY MAGIC is a joint effort between the Shelton Downtown Merchants and Kristmas Town Kiwanis with music coordinated by Harstine Island Community Choir, and is a perfect place to bring in the season with family and friends, while supporting our community’s choirs and businesses.

Darkness to LIGHT - Family Christmas Concert

Every Sunday afternoon at the Harstine Island Community Hall, you can find singers from across the county busily preparing for the Harstine Island Community Choir’s annual family Christmas concert. This event is eagerly anticipated as a highlight of the season for many in our community. It is an opportunity to hear quality choral presentations without an admission price, but with donations appreciated.

This year, the Harstine Island Community Choir’s annual Christmas Concert presents traditional favorites from the rich cultural heritage of Scandinavia. Conductor Elizabeth Berndt starts the program with a well-known Swedish tradition in which a young girl representing St. Lucia, wearing a halo of candles, celebrates the beginning of longer days and shorter nights with festive song.

“I’ve always enjoyed learning about music of different countries, and the rich history of choral music in Scandinavia was something I wanted to explore. Unique to this region, is the ancient singing called “yoik”, a form of music of the indigenous Sami people. Each song is very personal, and a yoik song was often composed for a person at birth. The contemporary compositions being written now, have found their way into world-wide recognition, as an adaptation of one of Frode Fjellheim’s compositions became the opening musical number for the movie, “Frozen”. The choir will sing this composer’s contemporary yoik arrangement of an ancient Scandinavian Christmas hymn as well as 4 songs from Pia Cantiones, a collection of medieval songs from Finland, Sweden, and other European countries, one of Finland’s greatest musical treasures, and the source of many medieval Christmas carols we all enjoy today.

Many works are sung in part in their original languages for listeners to experience the original feeling and sound of the song, but also in English for easier interpretation of this family friendly concert for all ages to enjoy.

The choir members look forward to seeing you at either of their concerts:

Saturday, December 8th, 3PM SHS Performing Arts Center

3737 N Shelton Springs Rd., Shelton 98584

Sunday, December 9th, 3PM Harstine Island Community Hall

3371 E Harstine Island Rd N., Shelton 98584

Christmas Eve -  Candlelight and Choir

Are you looking for a special Christmas Eve Service December 24th? Members of the Harstine Island Community Choir join with firends and family at Bridge Community Church on Harstine Island to share music together with the congregation, a candlelight service, and a moving sermon for both introspection and inspiration.


Harstine Island Community Choir Hosts:

Music 2 Our Ears:

Friday, Feb. 2nd, 2019,  6PM at Harstine Island Hall

3371 E Harstine Island Rd. N


Humanities of WA Speakers Burea:

Music with a Message: Songs for Social Change Acoustic trio Trillium 239 highlights notable social movements from the past 150 years that have been powered by song. Music has helped efforts to end slavery, secure voting rights, shorten wars, and promote civil rights, and provided a way to enact and document other social changes. The process continues today, focusing messages and providing rallying cries for activism and protest. Hear the surprising stories behind some familiar songs, listen to a few rare old songs, and feel the power of a good sing-along..

Sunday, April 28th, 2019 1:15 PM at Harstine Island Hall

3371 E Harstine Island Rd. N



 May 2019 


When you hear something described as "Celtic," what do you think of? Wild-eyed, long-haired men in kilts running across the Scottish highlands? Songs drifting from the door of a smoke-filled Irish pub? Chanting druidic priests moving silently through misty fog? Join Harstine Island Community Choir and the Burren Boys as we celebrate Celtic music and heritage. You will hear some familiar songs with surprising Celtic origins, and other songs that spring from the diverse traditions and beliefs of Celtic peoples across hundreds of years and thousands of miles. A gentle lullaby, touching songs of faith, joyous expressions of celebration and perhaps even a rowdy drinking song. So, good neighbors and friends, join us for dancing and singing and toe tappin' good fun at one of our two concerts.

Friday, May 10th, 7PM at SHS Performing Arts Center

N Shelton Springs Rd.


Sunday, May 12th,  3PM at Harstine Island Hall

3371 E Harstine Island Rd. N


November 2019 

Performance for Pioneer Arts and Crafts Fair

The proceeds from this event purchase food and gifts for the familes in the Pioneer School District for the holiday season.

Saturday, November 9th, 10:00 AM Pioneer Middle School

611 East Agate Rd.



Harstine Choir was organized and is operated for public music education and is dedicated to performance, community service, and leadership in the arts. Our mission is to teach and perform choral works to interested persons of all ages, to participate in community service activities, and to develop and maintain public interest in vocal arts. To do this, we perform for donations only throughout Mason county. We support and assists with music for events like the Shelton Tree Lighting Ceremony. We perform for local fund-raising projects such as Pioneer Arts and Crafts Fair. We promote the opportunity to experience the joy of choral music at events such as Soup & Sound and the Shelton and North Mason Timberland Library Programs. If we could support your program to make Mason County an even better place to live, contact director Elizabeth Berndt to discuss possibilities.

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